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ELMIRA HEIGHTS, NEW YORK – June 3, 2015 – John Mills Electric, a full-service electrical contracting company, headquartered in Elmira Heights, New York announced today that it was featured in the latest publication of The Electrical Worker.

John Mills Electric has been serving the Southern Tier area since 1946, specializing in the design, installation, service and repair of electrical systems for residential and commercial customers. The company has grown from 6 initial employees with sales of $600,000 to a company today with sales in excess of $25 million, and depending on needs, employing as many as 200 staff and technicians.

The Electrical Worker is the primary publication of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and has been in publication since 1893. The publication gives electrical workers across North America a voice while keeping them informed of the latest developments in their own industry. Circulation is believed to be in the hundreds of thousands.

Prefabrication is the manufacturing process that takes place somewhere other than the final building site, where materials are joined to form components that will be used in a final installation. This process is used instead of building the components on-site. Prefabrication has been proven to reduce project duration, improve productivity, reduce labor costs and improve safety.

"At John Mills Electric we are always looking for better ways to do things. Prefabrication is an evolution in our industry, and the Electrical Worker article focuses on how we have adapted and embraced prefab at our company," said Lindsay Mills, president of John Mills Electric. "The prefab methodology and process has helped us to keep a more constant workforce by minimizing surges and fall-offs, and has also helped us to remain competitive. Also, the on-site electrical work that used to take us days, now takes hours."

About John Mills Electric For individuals and businesses wanting electrical design, installation or repair services, John Mills Electric is the established and experienced leader in the Southern Tier. John W. Mills, our founder, held honesty, integrity and professionalism as paramount in how he dealt with customers, vendors and employees. We ensure that these values are practiced today throughout our company. Unlike other electrical contracting companies, John Mills Electric uses only high-quality products, installed by our own professionally trained technicians, ensuring that our customers get the very best products and services possible.

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